Tall Parents, Tall Babies

I’m 5’11”, my husband is 6’3″, so of course we were bound to have tall babies! My son is only 11 months old but he’s already wearing 18-24 month clothes and I should add, he wears them comfortably…yikes! He’s also already in 6+ nappies. Anyone know how to potty train a 1 year old?! Thankfully Pampers I hear do size 7….or else we’d be moving onto pull ups already. This is probably my biggest concern, but I’m hoping when he starts walking he might drop a size as he slims out (even tho he’s not particularly chubby)…hmm wishful thinking!

Being tall and having kids is definitely challenging. Not only do you have the endless choice of prams, slings, cots, bassinets, car seats etc. but our height (not baby’s) was one of our main considerations. Pram especially! We didn’t want to end up like the hunchback of notre dame, or be visiting a chiropractor everytime baby was in sling.  I’ve already posted about a couple of items on my Starry Heights Instagram, so now, lets blog!

Firstly we looked at prams and buggies.  There is SO much choice here, and each one seems to have mixed reviews, making you wonder, should I just abandon the pram and never leave the house again?!  No!  Walking is a great way to shift the baby weight and does wonders for your sanity – trust me.  We looked at many different brands, but the one we found best for our height without compromising on our needs / quality was the Silver Cross Wayfarer in Henley.

A ‘city’ pram, sturdy whilst looking good, it comes with a click on bassinet, click on buggy, raincover, soft reversible furry lining (great for winter) and a handy change bag.  We hunted around and found one online at around £700 from the Bournemouth Baby Centre which is now EVEN CHEAPER at £559.  The handle height is adjustable, the basket underneath is roomy and not too low for easy access to blankets, cover, bag etc and it fits in our Nissan Juke’s boot without too much hassle (although we did have to take the shelve out the boot).  This is another key thing to consider as many prams have large bulky wheels, which we found difficult to fit into our car.  Always try in your car first – Mothercare are great for this 🙂 Definitely value for money having both the bassinet and buggy part too, our son outgrew the bassinet part at 3 months…

My only complaint with the Silver Cross Wayfarer is the the front wheels catch way too easily on the smallest of bumps / pavements so you end up having to push down on the handle to lift the front wheels a lot.  A great core workout at least!  Speaking to other Mums and Dads, this doesn’t seem to just be an issue with Silver Cross, and most prams that have spinny front wheels (for easy manoeuvring – ah the irony) are the same.  It is also fairly heavy, although sturdy, and doesn’t fold flat in one.  You have to lift the bassinet or buggy off then fold the chassis.  Not great for travelling…..which is why…..

…we also invested in the Silver Cross Zest from Mothercare currently on offer at £125.

Our son has already been on 12 flights (we apparently like the challenge) and this buggy is such a breeze to travel with! It’s sturdy on the rockiest of terrains (Scottish countryside to South African vineyards and Italian hills), it has an SPF hood, it’s wider than a lot of other lightweight buggies, light and easy to fold and has a handy carry strap.  It’s handle isn’t adjustable but high enough for both my husband and I to walk with comfortably.  More importantly, our son also finds it comfortable and sleeps really well in it (a lifesaver if you have a baby who only snoozes to motion!)  The seat reclines flat which allows you to use it for newborn babies too (although I personally wouldn’t). The only downside is that it’s forward facing only, but we started using it when our boy was 7 months and beginning to get nosy at the outside world so it’s not been an issue.

Finally I’ve got to mention our baby carrier.  There was a time when we were living in a top floor flat and to go out walking every time our son wanted a nap was making me feel 108 years old, so I started researching slings.  Many cities have sling libraries where you can try various brands and types, however I did most of my research online.  I found limited advice on carriers for tall parents, but did find a couple of chats from mammas talking about their husbands being tall and using LILLEbaby.  There are a few different types but we finally settled on the LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons 6 in 1 Carrier from Amazon at £139.

Great for long backs (and long babies – we are still using it now!) it has 6 carrying positions; front, hip, back, baby facing in or out, or a fetal position.  It has a temperature – control panel, is breathable, has a cover, adjustable and padded straps and a lumbar support.  Nearly as many features as our buggy! The lumbar support has been great since our son was around 6 months and he became a heavy lump. For long backs this is such an important feature.  The carrier can also be used for newborns (no need for an added insert) and can hold up to 45lbs.  Our LILLEbaby has been great to rock our boy to sleep either without having to go out – normally just walking around the flat doing the odd chore with him in it lulled him to sleep – or for terrain that isn’t accessible by pram.  Now our son’s older, but not quite walking yet, it’s great to allow him to explore with us in the front facing position. I loved it just for the cuddles ❤

Here’s my handsome hubby demonstrating all three products!

I hope this post has been helpful for all you tall parents out there!  I’m sure there are other brands and products just as good for us long backed folk, but these have definitely worked for us 🙂

Di x

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