Tall + Breastfeeding + Wedding = Fashion Nightmare

Breastfeeding is amazing. Don’t get me wrong it’s tough, really tough but I have loved my breastfeeding journey, which I’ll write about separately at some point. Breastfeeding and clothes however…well. It’s nearly as painful as waiting on your nipples to toughen up! I’ve found some great nursing brands, (some links at the end of this blog) but most of the clothes have stripes, spots, lace, are mega casual or dual maternity. This is great for the early days when most of your time is spend on the couch sitting on a doughnut with bub endlessly feeding (every ten minutes at one point!) but when the bump starts to go and you reach the point of joining the outside world again, choices are a bit limited. I ended up wearing layers and a bump band (just to hide tummy – this is a great option) or cami top underneath with a nursing bra. I’d just pull the top underneath down and unclip. Not so bad right? Sure! That is until the wedding season starts. Dressy nursing clothes are an enigma where there’s no lace involved. I have an upcoming wedding in Italy, so the hunt is on!

One site I’ve been looking at for a dressy breastfeeding friendly dress is Seraphine. Some of the dresses are beautiful (worn by royalty no less!) but also a tad expensive and I’m not keen on spending money on a dress that I wouldn’t wear normally. Then there’s Mamalicious who are currently promoting their occasion dresses (be prepared for lace). You can also buy the brand on the ASOS site. I’ve had a few pieces from them including a couple of maternity tube skirts (amazing for summer babies) and the fit even for tall is great, but the dressy choice is a bit limited!

Out with nursing clothes, there are of course a couple of options. There’s the wrap dress. I’ve just tried on this one from ASOS (£45) lovely and not even from the tall section – bonus!

It’s gorgeous, fits perfectly and is very flattering, but then when I’m feeding, it means my whole boob is out! I could use a scarf or pashmina I suppose since I don’t feel comfortable whipping them out so blatantly! My challenge then is that my 10.5 month old will definitely pull a scarf away. His normally slaps me in the face if he doesn’t have something to hold on to! For younger babies this would definitely work though, especially for the upcoming wedding season. Big thumbs up.

The next option I’m looking at is a skirt and top combo. I wore this outfit to a wedding in December with a pale pink jacket. Skirt was from Reiss and the top was River Island.

It was a gorgeous outfit but in terms of breastfeeding it was a tad frustrating. My son was at the stage where he probably needed more solids and was getting a cold so he wanted fed every half an hour. The untucking and tucking became a little annoying! I’d recommend if you choose to go for a skirt and top combo both items need to be loose fitting so it’s easier for the untucking / tucking part. I did not consider this before – disaster!

So where does this leave me?! Well, I’ve found a beautiful Ted Baker Skirt which isn’t too tight round my middle (although my son isn’t feeding as much) so have decided to go for it. My only dilemma now is which top to pair with it?! The gold one I wore in December, a khaki one, or a peach one? I’m wearing nude court shoes in the photos but I also have black ankle strap, open toe sandals. What do you think?! (Please ignore the lack of make up and tan – imagine colour on my face and a tad less Snow White skin and a bit more Marbella, or in this case Perugia!)

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