Let’s talk denim!!

Apart from the fact I love (I’m talking I should have been born in Nashville kinda love), country music, I also love denim! I spend 90% of my life in jeans. At any one time I think I have at least 10 – 15 pairs, which is perhaps admittedly unnecessary as I tend to wear the same ones all the time!

Topshop Tall used to be my absolute go to for jeans. Great fit, styles and long lasting, however recently I’ve found that some of their tall styles are a tad too ‘trendy’ for me now I’m in my mid thirties (hard to come to terms with) and I’m finding I’m in between sizes now. I used to have several of their Leigh jeans but they didn’t last very long, and I found they sagged quickly and faded in colour. For the £40 I didn’t feel like they were worth the money. Don’t get me wrong, they are still fab for Tall clothing and I did recently find a great pair of coated black Joni jeans (now out of stock) which I do absolutely love and are super comfy. Here’s the link to the normal pair of Joni black jeans (non coated).

One great thing about Topshop is that you can order what you want online before having to pay for them – a ‘try before you buy’ service. This is amazing as the money only comes out your account for the items you decide to keep. Well worth it when you are ordering the entire Tall section!!

So where am I shopping now for my tall fix of denim? ASOS! I’m loving the selection, variety and new brands such as Noisy May Tall, Misguided Tall, Dr Denim, Liquor N Poker Tall and Vero Moda Tall. I have these Noisy May jeans (£18, currently £12.50 in the sale!) and they are such an amazing fit. I’ve washed them a couple of times and the black hasn’t faded (another annoyance with black denims!) Great value for money!

Another pair of my current faves are from New Look, bought on the ASOS website. They are only £22.99, so comfy and the stretch is super. I can roll around on the floor with my son and they don’t sag at the knees or bum (something Ive found with other stretchy jeans). I’m wearing them in the photo at the start of this blog.

I’m hoping ASOS continue the Tall denim takeover and stock some more white pairs come summer. I did used to own a very pale pink and white pair of skinny jeans from Topshop, but they were Leigh Jeans and kinda thin. For us ladies with cellulite they were just a tad unflattering at the top of the old thighs so they didn’t get much wear!

I’d also love to see some more tall, classic blue, denim jeans, low rise and straight leg. Then all I’d need is a stetson and pick-up truck…country tunes blaring…..sorted.

Di x

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