Skinny malinky long legs, not so big banana feet!

Despite my height, my shoe size is a UK7. Some may say this is quite small for being tall but thankfully I’ve not found them an issue so far…although I have been known to fall over for no apparent reason. Hmm. A little on the wide side my feet will generally fit into any brand shoe (sometimes squeezing is necessary) so I thought I’d treat myself to some super comfy trainers. With a ten month old I do a LOT of walking, mainly for sanity and also to help my little cherub snooze. Motion is key mammas….anyone who says they put their baby in a cot to nap without having to ‘sleep train’ should keep this to themselves, or some of us will have a nervous breakdown. I digress, back to the super comfy trainers! I do have a cheap black pair from H&M which I would definitely recommend as they’re still going strong a year on, but I’ve been craving more. More squishy sole with bounce, more pizazz (first time to use that word), more shine and sparkle to brighten rainy days (of which there are a lot in Glasgow). So I splurged. Guilty as charged, I’ve bought these puppies from Air & Grace (Copeland Trainer, Silver)

Oh my days are they comfy! Super bounce to them and I love the glitter. Like walking on a shiny, sparkly cloud! I’ve only just managed to try them on in between playing stacking cups with my son, but looking forward to having a proper dance around the flat when bubs is asleep!

Di x

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